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From the office of Scott W. Stewart DMD PLLC, we offer THREE unique viewing experiences:

The best view from our treatment rooms of the Olympic Mountains in Kitsap County and Silverdale (Dr. Scott Stewart General Family Dentist, Silverdale Dentist)

First, our westward facing treatment rooms offer some of the best, most relaxing views through the floor-to-ceiling windows.  While in the soft leather, comfortable dental chairs, you can enjoy a panoramic outlook of the Silverdale landscape highlighting the breathtaking Olympic Mountains and waterways of Dyes Inlet as well as everything in between. Each room with a view has a pair of binoculars for guests to use as they study the landscape of Kitsap County - locate everything on our I Spy list for fun! 

Second, if your dentist appointment at Scott W. Stewart DMD PLLC happens to be on a Pacific Northwest cloudy day and the Olympic Mountain range is hidden behind grey, you can still enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the westward mountains.  Nationally acclaimed Silverdale glass artist Lisa Stirrett replicated the Brothers and nearby peaks in panels of detailed, clear beautiful glass.  Lisa researched the ridges and valleys of our local majestic mountain ranges.  She then created for our office glass panels that sit perched on our treatment room cabinets parallel to our wall of windows and the mountains.  The pictures shown below do not do her artwork justice -- you have to see the glass mountains to appreciate their true beauty.

Third, our treatment rooms each feature a 24 inch widescreen display.  When the widescreen is not being used to view your digital xrays or intraoral photos for your appointment, a screensaver slideshow will appear filled with over one hundred local photos taken by Dr. Stewart's brother-in-law.  Not only do these portraits showcase the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, but the fun names given to many of the images add a sense of whimsy and humor to entertain you while in the care of Scott W. Stewart DMD PLLC.

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